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Newest Pilots

ID Name Base
AAL383 Josh Autry   KDCA
AAL382 Matthew Miller   KLAX
AAL381 Christopher Rivera   KBOS
AAL380 Johnny Snow   KMIA
AAL379 Luke Bettis   KPHX
AAL378 Rodney Taylor   KDFW
AAL377 LaMorris Bonner   KDFW
AAL376 James Hull   KDFW

Recent Arrivals

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Equipment Flt Time
AAL281 AAL1701 MKJP KMIA A319 01.52 Hour/s
AAL321 AAL915 KMIA SKBO B777-223ER 03.22 Hour/s
AAL260 AAL1039 KORD KMSP A320 01.03 Hour/s
AAL044 AAL863 KRDU KPHL A319 01.09 Hour/s
AAL312 AAL861 KORD KLAS B787-8 03.12 Hour/s
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